Audiology is such a niche field within the medical community. I initially struggled to describe what it is to people who don’t know anything about audiology.

It’s no secret that I love audiology and enjoy my work as an audiologist. There’s never a dull moment. Helping my patients understand their hearing loss and/or tinnitus encourages them to feel empowered to navigate the challenges they face every day. When my patients hear better, they are able to reconnect with the people in their world and notice an improvement in their quality of life.

More information, please!

When I first joined the audiology community, there wasn’t nearly as much information or resources about becoming an audiologist on the internet compared to the information available now. Instagram was only starting to get popular. Now, it has grown to have over 1 billion active users!

It’s amazing what you will find on social media. Now, people have many opportunities to share their stories, knowledge, and talent virtually – whenever and however they want. Myself included.

Although I consider myself an introvert, I started blogging to bring awareness about audiology. I feel that audiology is a lesser known field within healthcare and more information needs to be accessible.

What can I do?

Blogging is my way of sharing my knowledge with people who are seeking for general answers on the web. With my voice, I plan to share my experience as a licensed audiologist in the U.S. I hope that you will be a part of this journey with me in learning and advancing the field of audiology! People living with “invisible” disabilities need advocates. The more we know about hearing disorders, the more equipped we are to guide them or help them with their needs.

I have spent many years learning what I know to help family, friends, and my patients with their hearing health problems. This community is awesome and I can’t wait to see how it evolves.

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