Hi there! My name is Janice Vong and I love working with ears. I am a licensed audiologist practicing in the Pacific Northwest. I earned my Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D) degree in 2018 from one of the top ranked programs in the United States and since then, I have channeled my energy into educating my patients about hearing loss and tinnitus management in a private ENT clinic setting.

Knowledge is empowering. I hope you glance away with an inkling of new information about hearing health and/or tidbits of my life as an audiologist.

So. Whether you’re a person with hearing loss, a spouse/partner of someone with hearing loss, a parent of a child with hearing loss, a child of a parent with hearing loss, an aspiring audiology student in training, a current audiologist, or just a friendly human – feel free to browse through my posts and n[ear]d out with me!

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